How to quite gracefully

This family I've worked for, for what throught was casual weekend evening babysitting.(I nanny for several families) It turned out they wanted me at there beak and call. They are friendly but the one kid is king of the house and really aggressive. I want to leave like I did day one. But I've never quite a job before. How to I do it? Any suggestions? It would be over txt. So help please!!!! I don't want to sound rude.


If it's just weekend babysitting just have plans every time they ask. Or just say " I'm not babysitting anymore".

If you are working full time for them or part time on a regular basis just give notice ( 2 weeks is typical) and finish out those last 2 weeks.

You can search the group for old posts on quitting and giving notice there are tons of threads with great info.

If you don't want to hurt any feelings or be honest with them, then I agree with Annienannyo- simply let them know that you are no longer babysitting. If your communication is mainly through text then that is an acceptable form of communication to relay the message. If they don't text with you on a regular basis, unfortunately I don't think this is the proper way to give notice. But that's just my opinion! I know that sometimes it's intimidating and tough to express yourself in person or on the phone so text seems like the best way. If you feel too uncomfortable then just do what you have to do!

If you do feel like going with the honesty route, voice your concerns with the behavior of this "king of the house" child. I think it's always important for parents to know that their child is behaving in an unsavory way. Whether or not they'll agree is another story but at least you said your peace as to why it's not working out!

Furthermore, have you ever worked for a nanny agency? I work full time with a family I found on my own, but on nights and weekends I work through an agency and can't say enough about how great it has worked for me. They always handle any uncomfortable situations like the one you mentioned and if I go to a job where I don't feel as though we mesh well, I let the agency owner know and she just doesn't ever assign me to that family again. She also negotiates the pay for me, I make an extra 300 to 400 dollars some months just in my spare time, she sets a minimum of 4 hours for a shift (so you don't take time out of your day for just a measly 2 hours) etc. Hope that helps and good luck!

What is this amazing agency?

My agency was crap. I haven't used an agency since.

Yep. Just be unavailable. I would also tell them that you are unavailable for A while so they don't depend on you. Something like: I have a busy schedule. So i won't be doing weekends/evenings or what have you

I just tell families I don't babysit anymore, or simply say no every time they ask. When it's super casual there's no need for written notice and most families have a few different sitters they can call. Don't stress about it, saying no is fine.

I have one family where it took them over a YEAR to finally get the picture, I said no to every occasion for an entire year. It came from a similar issue, kids ruled the roost and no babysitter there a few hours at a time can break through that kind of behavior. And they never offered me more money when I told them how much I charged for new families. I'd known them since I started nannying, they were my first job. Started with them at $10/hr for one child, they were paying me $12 for their 3 boys. Most nights they were in bed within an hour or two but even so it wasn't worth my time. It's perfectly okay to just kind of phase out.