Interview advice + pay

Hi everyone, i'm still looking for a job and have an interview tomorrow and one on monday. I need some advice. I have anxiety and sometimes during interviews i get choked up and probably make myself look bad. Like if they give me a scenero I choke up and say something dumb, but I would really do something different. I have a passion for kids, but my anxiety and talking to adults sometimes doesnt go well.

Also with pay, how much do you charge for children? I am so used to getting paid 18-19 an hour that I don't even want to work for people who offer less which sounds selfish. It's like I'm looking for the perfect job, but there is no such thing? I ask people for a higher pay and they say they don't pay that much and then it seems like I lost a job I could of had if i would of accepted such a low pay. I am a nanny because I love kids and have taken early childhood education classes. I don't want to work in retail and don't have the experience of doing anything medical. I chose to stick with nannying since I am so used to it and I have experience and education within this field. I know I need a job asap because after I left my last terrible nanny job, it took me a while to get a few interviews. I feel like crap not having a job or money, but again, such a low pay sucks, but at least I would be getting money. I have someome who wants to pay 12/he for 5 yr old and 8 month old. I asked if she would be open to talk about pay and maybe she wont reply back.. being a nanny is so hard especially when finding work.


For interviews, I find that nerves get the better of you, if you speak too fast. Take a beat or two before you answer. So if they ask you a question that throws you, take a second/or 5 to reply. It will give you a moment to gather your thoughts before you speak. And bonus? It makes you look thoughtful and deliberate.

As to pay, I find that low pay always always leads to a miserable experience. Taking such a pay cut will make you feel resentful. If you need money coming in, take evening or weekend jobs. It can bring in money and build up your resume at the same time. And it will free up your days for interview. You can even look into temp work through a nanny agency. They'll do the search for you. And allow you to go in several times per week. Again, money coming in and more time to look without being stressed about money

I know you need a job, we all have been there. However, you will regret taking low pay, especially that low for 2 kids. No matter what state you work in, start at $15-18 minimum per hour for two kids. If families are offering $10-12 per hour, they cannot really afford a nanny. They do not make enough to afford a caregiver plus food, housing, cars etc. Just keep looking. I would call them back and say that you cannot afford to take that low pay. I don't know where you live now, if you have to pay your own rent, etc. but that low pay will not pay for much. I accepted a job at $15 per hour for 34 hours per week, and it will increase to 40 hours per week at the end of May. Thirty-Four hours is really not enough, but she pays CASH so its okay for now, it pays the rent. However, the kids are older; ages 2 and 4, and the 4 year old is a challenge as mom and grandma have coddled him for the last two years. I have good days and bad days, but I am still looking for that perfect 40 hour per week family. The longer you stay however the deeper you get involved. I am planning on staying until next January, when the 4 year old starts pre-K, 3 days per week. The old nanny quit stating her sick mother and new grandbaby needed her, and she wants to visit soon, she took an office job since and is making more money than a nanny. She has retirement and a husband to help her weekly and we do not. We need a weekly job to support ourselves. I have taken jobs the last two years caring for toddlers which really is not my preferred age group, just to pay my rent and health insurance. There are two types of hiring families. One has big salaries and knows how to pay nannies and what to ask for, how far they can push and how much they request their nannies to do. The others are beginner nanny bosses; they brag they have a nanny, had those, want you to cook their meals, clean their house, make the toddler eat, and wash their laundry and pay $12.00 per hour. You also need to decide What AGE GROUP you want to care for. I started with toddlers up to age 4, and now 10 years later, I only want to nanny babies. No back talk from babies and you can help teach and mold them into sweet, respectable kids. At age 4 and 8, bad habits have already developed and you really cannot change them if grandma and mommy have let them get away with it for years. I would keep looking and look at the starting wage when you apply for a nanny job. Some families give a raise After the first 12 months, not 3 months after you are in the job. miss pat

I do NOT recommend taking a lower paying position ... even if the family says that they will re-evaluate in a set amount of time. Either 1) You will never get a raise 2) they will always be cheap so if they do, they will complain about it all the time and try to cut your hours wherever possible.

My recommendation is to find temporary jobs (like when a nanny needs time off and a family needs a stand in nanny for a set time). You will get paid, and you will get the experience of how other families work.

I agree with Lia515. Take your time in answering the questions. As for pay, you can say your minimum for what they are requesting is $xx but you are willing to do a one week trial at $xx and then can decide if they want to continue with you at the higher rate.

Personally I won't settle for lower then you want. Being a nanny is hard and your supporting a children development not just being a babysitter so you deserve more!

Same job interviews are really difficult! Good luck!