It's been a while since I last posted!

Hi everyone!

I've been MIA recently because I was on vacation and then life got busy. I'm glad to be back. The reason for my post is to ask for advice (from whom this applies to) on good certifications to earn for preschool work. Any nannies out there who are working or have worked in a preschool? I am moving at the end of July and unfortunately have to quit working for my NF :( I'm saddened by it but I have to do what's best for me. My goal is to find another full time nanny position but if that doesn't happen right away I am thinking about doing some part time preschool or daycare work. I know a lot of these positions require degrees and/or certifications so if anyone has any suggestions that would be great. I am looking into a few certifications right now but before I invest money into one I want to make sure I'm getting the correct certification.

Another thing, does anyone have advice on what they think I should do if I'm moving 2 hours away and won't be able to make it to interviews for new positions unless it's a weekend day? I'm debating upon if I want to wait until I move to find a nanny position or try and search for something before. It'll be close to back to school so I'm not sure how much luck I will have. I am currently trying to get all my ducks in a row to avoid stress later on. Thanks!


Here it keeps changing but you need a cert III to be pre-school assistant and a bachelor to be a pre school teacher. In a childcare center Cert III for assistant and diploma for room leader. But apparently its going to change to diploma/bachelor for every position.
I would look up job position online and see what their asking for and go from there. Goodluck:)