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Mixing Holidays

Hello, I'm a nanny of 1 year old twins hoping to connect and share experiences and ideas with some other awesome nannies. My first question is this: the family I work for is Jewish and I am Christian, this causes absolutely no problems whatsoever but with the holidays coming up I am wondering about proper protocols. I would like to have my twins make a holiday gift for their parents, a little pair of plaster cast handprints. I am wondering if this is okay to do or if it would make either me or the parents feel awkward. I am not sure if Hanukah is a gift-giving holiday.


Hello all! Happy Monday :) As a follow up to misspat's post, who is working this week? Do you get days off? And if so, which ones. I'm only working today. Two of my families are leaving to go have TG away.

I'm actually planning to host TG for the first time in two years since I'm free. Do you celebrate? If you're working, are you getting holiday pay?

One of my families (years ago) wanted me to be there on TG to help out. I was aware enough to ask for details. She wanted me to help with everything (dinner, kid wrangling and clean up) Needless to say, I didn't go in.

Problem Child

I have been with this family with 4 kids for 6 months and the youngest a 4 year old is constantly mocking me talking back and laughing at me. He is almost always in time out or without his privileges and I am at my wits end. I have tried a reward program and it didn't work at all. Any ideas guys?


Hello Fellow Nannies: Last May 2015, I interviewed for a two day nanny job, not thinking I would get it and kept looking for FT or PT jobs. Mom boss, did not tell me on interview that She takes Off a lot, works from home once per week, and scheduled my work day which is on Thanksgiving, Xmas, and Memorial Day as a scheduled holiday off. She waited a month to get back to me on hiring me. Finally I heard from her. She hired me for Mondays and Fridays. Grandma came on the other days and was Free. Fast forward to Sept. 2015.

Christmas presents

It is that time of year.. Do you give your kiddos Christmas gifts? Parents?

I don't know many nanny friends around town but 1. She told me she gives the parents a free date night or something the kids and her made together.. and the kiddos presents.

If you give free babysitting, how long is free? How many hours?

How do you handle your payday? checks, deposit?

I was out for surgery for 2 weeks. I get paid biweekly(SUCKS) by a check. I wish it was weekly so there was never any "forgetting."

I was out for 2 weeks because I had to get surgery. There was a big cancer scare - & they couldn't be 100% sure if it was benign or not. I had biopsies done etc. & they came back BAD but we were not going to say 100% yet if it was cancer. Luckily, it was the beginning of it. Once they removed it - it was all fine, but it took me a while to recover from the surgery.. Amen to it not being cancer..

Getting Gifts...

for the children I nanny for. I am the nanny to 2 1/2 year twins boy and girl. Also their older four year old sister. Occasionally I get them little gifts here and there. Like coloring books, reading books etc. Parents have always been fine with it. A couple days ago I got the little boy a couple pairs of pants and the girls a couple shirts each. When the little boy gets his pants wet or spills food on them I'll look in his closet and there are no clean pants to put on him. I told the parents this several times. Nothing changed. So I got him some.

I've been trying to quit for months now

So I work as a nanny here in Canada for a family with 14 month old twins. When I got the job I was very optimistic and felt I was treated well. I've been here for 6 months now and I am miserable. I've been meaning to quit for a few months but I'm scared and there's never a good time. I think I need some nanny encouragement as I have no friends that are nannies!

I'd also like to vent a bit and get some of the reasons I am so unhappy with work out there so here we go...

Outside Party

I have been a Nanny for 3 years to a 5 year girl and a 2 year old boy. Up until the last 3 months my relationship with the mother has been extremely close. We share a lot and hang out with one another even outside of me watching her children. I have been to birthday parties with her friends and family. I have traveled with them as well and they have left their kids with my for weeks at a time while they traveled. It was a dream job. We worked together nicely! 3 months ago the family choose to move in a friend named Greg. He just got a divorce and they were helping him out.


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