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To make a long story short, I went in for an interview. The mother was very type A and serious about everything. She told me that although she had a nanny, she wanted to go in a different direction and was giving her no notice. I asked her what was so bad about this nanny, and she said nothing, except it just didn't seem like a good fit..red flag to me. But I didn't care as i was desperate.
I surprisingly get the job and I love the kids. I told her I'm big on communication and will keep her informed throughout the day on what we are doing etc etc.

Getting let Go....

So i just recently got let go. I worked my whole shift then the mom sat me down and told me they were letting me go due to custody issues with the father who was getting possibly three supervised visits. I had no notice of this whatsoever. I was just in shock. I almost balled my eyes out because i'd miss the little girl who i invested in so much. She told me I'd get three weeks of severance pay and she would still need me some weekends and weeknights. Well the next day she text me and told me I had to work for my severance pay.

I need some guidance

Today I was told that the family I nanny for, the mother is pregnant and due in January. Their little boy just turned one on Sunday so I am a little surprised. I am paid $15.00 an hour so I am wondering what pay increase to request when the baby comes. It will be twice the work so I feel I should be compensated, I just don't know how much of an increase to reasonably ask for?

Oh the ideas they get...

First, thanks to everyone for all the advice and support on my last post. I think things will work out with the mom: she's planning to have me work only 49 hours a week, not to go over 50. Today when I told her it would be 53 for this week (we adjusted hourly limits on Wednesday, too late for her to change the fact that I had already worked 25 hours this week), she said she was coming home 3 hours early so we could keep it at 50, which I greatly appreciated. It seems like she genuinely wants to try, and I haven't gotten any more extra chores lists...so fingers crossed!

What am I to do?

I now baby sit for a big family, mom is a stay at home mom who is always on the go and dad just came back home after living 3 years out of the country (deployment). Ever since dad came home he and mom has been going to "meetings" or going on dates every week leaving me with the kids, (yes that is my job, but mom doesn't let me know about these meetings or dates until they damn near have their feet out of the door), and then stays out longer than they rattled off to me before leaving.

Unsure how to proceed

I just started working for first-time parents in June. when discussing pay, time off, etc and going over the contract upon hire, we agreed that I'd be making a flat weekly rate no matter the hours worked or how many days worked in the week. My hours are listed as M-F 7:30a-5:30p, not to exceed 6pm, so all weekends off. I normally work 8a-5p though. In addition to the flat rate no matter what hours I work, they also said that also covered the amount of days worked per week.


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