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Time to move on?

I began my PT position in Oct 2015. One dear child, then age 7, now almost 10. My responsibilities included picking up dear child from school, homework, transport to her various extracurriculars. I work for a single mother (she is a lawyer) in an Atlanta suburb. The job was very appealing initially. I worked close to 30 hrs/week and my starting pay was $10. No paid holidays or other benefits. Meanwhile, I was engaged to my longtime sweetheart. 9months into the position, Mom moved her elderly father in and I began caring for him as well, (mostly companion care and meal prep).

Keep being attacked by 7 year old/how to know when to quit?

I've nannied two girls ages 4 and 7 for almost a year now. At first they were great then began throwing more tantrums, but nothing too crazy. But in the past couple months the 7 year old has started biting me, throwing things at me, scratching me, punching me, basically attacking me in anyway possible. She's also threatened me saying things like "I wish you were dead" or "I'm gonna torture you until you start crying" or "I'm gonna kill you".

Year anniversary coming up. Time to negotiate?

I am currently a full time nanny for two children ages 2 and four. The four year old goes to morning preschool 3 days a week. The two year old is under my care from 8-4pm. The mother is getting a divorce and this in turn is wreaking havoc on the children- the 4 year old girl more than the younger boy.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I am currently nannying for 3 year old twins and an 8 year old. I make $65 dollars a day to watch, potty train and take care of the girls throughout the day. I don’t do housekeeping beside cleaning up after the girls. Everyday I show up to work at 7:30 am, if not earlier. Most days I do not leave until 6:00-6:30 pm due to the mom wanting to take in or out the garbage or wanting to discuss the day. Dependent on whether or not the girls go down for a nap I can get a 1-2 hour break before the older one gets home from school.

Am I being underpaid?

I’ve been working with this family for almost 2 years now, Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm. When I first started with them they only had a 2 month old boy and mom was going back to work. They started paying me 250 a week/ 50 a day. They lived in a very small town (I live there too) and nany rates are super low. My duties were of course watching the kid, light housekeeping (sweeping, mopping, dishwasher, countertops). 4 months later they moved to the city which is 30 minutes from where I live and they used to live. House is 3 times bigger than the other.

MB talking behind my back

I have Been nannying part time for a family for 2 years. I have Grown with their family and shared the joys with them when they had a new baby. Today like usual i was Watching the kids and like usual MB was running late. MB texts to let me know she is on her way home and asked if the kids are asleep. I explain That one is having a bad day and I’ve tried to put the child to sleep twice with no luck.... she texts back (but didn’t mean to text this to me) “she is so weird, she just bitches to me me about my kids” do i continue To work for them? Is it time for me to quit?


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