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Gave my two weeks notice & it feels so good! NYC here I come! :)

I have been working in Connecticut with the same family on a FT basis May 2013 (accepted the job Jan 2013, baby was born Feb and I began babysitting occassionally to transition in). May 2014 rolls around and NO RAISE or mention of it! June rolls around--same thing! I then decided it was time for me to think bigger and be fairly compensated for my skills. I told the mom I was searching for a weekend position and asked her for a reference letter, which I submitted along with my resume to the top NYC agency and BOOM I GOT A CALL!

Shared nanny wages ASAP PlS

I have interview for a shared nanny position one day a week,one family I have already look after their 6 month old, but now they want to add another family to the same day , so two families one day. the other family have 2 kids, but now I'm unsure about pay, i though each family would pay the normal rate, but then I'm not sure if their expecting me just to charge them half each, i thought may be i give them a 25% discount per hour each, but I'm just not sure , help any suggestion how to handle this, i feel like I'm been taken advantage off!!

trust issues

I am a part-time nanny with experience with children but not infants, but recently got roped into infant care, unexpectedly for everyone. One parent has delayed going back to work to train me, and extended family has been around too, and there's been way too much disagreeing direction, so it's been difficult and confusing and makes me feel less secure in my own choices. Still, I'm doing well with the baby and haven't had any problems with the caregiving itself.


Hello All,

I just joined the boards because I am having a really tough time finding resources for Employeed Nannies--instead of the people that employ us. My main concern is that as a household employee, will I have to pay a higher tax rate? I am living an working in Oregon.

If this is the case, what kinds of things can I deduct from my taxes? Gas? Food?

Thank you kindly!

Giving notice

As you all know when you are a nanny the lines between friend and employee often get blurred. I have been nanning full time for over six years and have learned from my mistakes in this department. So with my current family

Wealthy and Entitled Brat

I need advice. I started a job a month ago and was told their nanny of nine years would be leaving because she doesn't speak proper English and is too lenient, and the kids are growing up (4 yo boy and 9 yo girl) yet the mother feels bad and hasn't let the other woman go. This means we are both there at the same time. I took the job because they offer amazing pay and the kids seemed so sweet and well-behaved. Turns out the girl is a self-entitled brat. They hired me to be a more firm, educating nanny, but the kids are getting mixed messages so I look like the bad guy.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I am a nanny of two boys (ages 4 and 5), we have grown attached to each other but I am still struggling to get them to behave. I thought it was a flaw in my abilities as their nanny until I closely examined their behavior with their parents. They kick, scream and are completely rude to their parents, their parents let them walk all over them and do whatever they want. When I arrive I am expected to give them the only structure they ever see, needless to say it is a struggle to get them to do small tasks such as brush their teeth and get dressed without screaming fits.


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