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Need help on leaving a great family

Hi everyone! I'm new to the site and would like any advice that anyone may have. I've been a nanny for about 13 months to a little girl who is 19 months now. The family is great however financially they can not give me a raise or even pay for extra incentives like indoor play spaces, museums, etc for the child to do during the winter months. I'm at the point where I definitely need more financially and want to move on. The parents are super attached to me especially the mom. They don't trust too many people and even didn't allow me to drive the child around until recently.

Kids do not respect me

I just recently graduated high school and this is my first full time live in nanny job. The girls are 10,9 and 6 and the baby is 1 year old. The girls and I are pretty close and get along well but recently the kids have been fighting back pretty hard when i give instruction. recently the oldest child hit me in public when I took them home from a parade for fighting each other. The parents have been backing me up and she is in a lot of trouble. But the 6 year old constantly whines and will not do anything you tell her to without you dragging her there and telling her multiple times.


I've been working with my family for a little over three years. When I first started, I had two tattoos. There was never a rule about needing to have them covered. They were always visibile. I got a third one about a year ago and nothing was ever said. In June, I dyed the tips of my hair blue. Nothing was said. In October, I got a fourth tattoo. Nothing was said. Over the weekend, I shaved part of my head. It's one side and, if I part my hair the opposite way, it's not even visible. My boss freaked out.

Inviting families to wedding?!?!

Hey! So first of all I have been working with 2 families for over a year now. My main family I have an almost 2yo girl and a 5yo boy and I work with them 50 hours a week M-F. My one year "nanaversery" was November 5th and I love them all so much. I have already asked if the kids can proceed me down the isle in my wedding in July of next year and they have said as long as nothing big happens like I get fired that would be lovely.


The girl I nanny is 10 going on 14. She has always had a problem hear no and taking no for an answer. She likes to get her own way with everyone. She has lost friends ( parents have told me and her parents their kids won't play with her because she always has to have her own way). Every report card I've seen says needs to learn to compromise or needs to learn cooperation.


What are some appropriate punishments for a four year old? This week has been a pretty tough week with the four year old I nanny, he like do to allot of completions with running and playing games but when he looses he throws the biggest tantrum, we were playing a card game and he lost and he threw all the cards in my face and pushed me, I send him to his room and told him what he did was not nice and all he does is cry and says it was an accident, I've run out of ideas to show him that what he did was not right, he just cries and acts like I did something to him.

Twin just diagnosed Autistic

Hey everyone!
You may not remember me, but I was on here a little while ago with a terrible job that I ended up quitting. Well, I've found a new one with a lovely family that I adore. It's a single mom with twin four-year-old boys, and I've only been here a little over a month and I feel like I've known them for years. I love this job!

Lack of stimulation for children-need advice

I am a nanny for 2 wonderful boys. While both of them are extremely smart and creative they have begun to destroy thier parent's house because they are bored during our "quiet time" aka my short break for the day. They are limited to one hour of screen time per day. They usually watch a show when I am making them lunch. This means the other 9 hours of our day are spent baking, crafts, library, coloring postcards, DIY activities etc. this is all fine and I try to keep a strict but structured schedule because this is what works best for them.


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