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New nanny needs tax information help!!

For 6.5 months I was a full time nanny getting paid by checks from a family with no contract ever signed outlining the details of my job, just a verbal confirmation. Taxes were never brought up in conversation and as I was a first time nanny I did not think to ask about it. My job ended about 2 months ago and I just received a call from my old nanny family asking me to provide information for taxes. I am really unsure what to do since no taxes were ever withheld my my checks and I never filled out any tax forms.

Any house managers & nannies?

I came across an article on care.com the other day that said a house manager salary starts around $50k/year. I am a nanny and house manager. But I only make $15/hour for 2 kids and doing all the house management tasks. When you are doing both how should you figure out your hourly rate? Like what would your base rate be and how much additional hourly would you expect for house management?

Any Austin Texas Nannies?

Hello I am a nanny in Austin, I am wondering what you guys typically make for 3 kids in this city. Everytime I look it up I get a different answer which I'm sure depends on a number of things. I look after an 11 year old, a 7 year old, and a 4 year old (who acts 2). ALSO I do all the families laundry (even though the parents throw their nicely folded laundry on the floor (so I have told them I will not do theirs any further, mom got really upset when I said that...) I do dishes, take care of dog, and clean house everyday.

Toddler hitting issues

Hi, this is my first time posting and really need some advice. I have been nannying for 3 years now and just started with an amazing new family. I look after a 3 year old boy (no problems) and an 18 month old little girl. The girl is my issue, i'v been with them about a month or so and about 2 weeks ago every time I would start work and see the kids in the morning the 18month old would just start saying to me hit, hit. I brushed it off at first. When I picked her up she hit me I said no put her down and said that makes me sad please don't hit she said sorry.

Question about NK siblings

I've been a nanny for almost 2 years with the same family so not much stumps me anymore. However, I'm at a loss right now and could use some advice. For a while now my 5 y/o (I'll call her M) has been whining and crying when she doesn't get her way. No big deal, I know how to handle this when it happens. However, she does it with her younger brother who doesn't know any better. For example, we were all in the car today driving home from pickup at their preschool. My 3 y/o (I'll call him H) got a special book to take home for the week.

Grandpa coming for a visit and leave date is TBD..

The gal I nanny for has a camera in every corner of the house. No biggie; I have nothing to hide. She smells like B.O., won't let me wash the cloth diapers more than once a week, yet they pile up in the buckets and smell terrible! All their food is canned goods and expired by 2-7 years and I was told I could take her son for walks, but on the one nice day this year, 62° out, I was only allowed to leave for 20min and had to text her when I left and when I came back..


Pay issues. Please help!

So after a week of mostly being off, due to the father having pink eye, I show up for work today. Today is the day I get paid every week, well the mother paid me $500 when our agreement is $600/week no matter what. I confronted her and she was upset because her husband didn't have me come watch the kids. I even offered to take them and just get out of the house but got no reply. So because she wanted me to watch the kids and he didn't and they couldn't come to an agreement they are trying to pay me less. This seems like their own issue that I shouldn't be brought into.

Back up care

With snow days and cold and flu season coming I was wondering if everyone has a back up care plan - or rather what is your employers plan for when you need to call out unexpectedly?

I am usually responsible to find my own back up if I know in advance. We have a few reliable sitters we can call for that.


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