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Nannies, I need some (more advice)!

I posted a few months ago about my frustrations with my current job. I work for doctors who at times can be very inconsiderate of my time, which I have addressed a few times with them. They also count on their parents to help so they don't have to pay me full-time, but that is frustrating because whenever the grandparents go out of town, which happens more often than I expected they expect me to change my life to accommodate their needs. Anyway, I've had enough and started looking for a new position a month ago, and I found one!


I know we talk about this a lot but

How do you figure out what is a fair raise? So when you go in you have an idea of what you are hoping for.

I will hit my two years with this family in August and I didn't get a raise last year.

My job hasn't changed in the past two years and I am live in so I'm not sure how much cost of living increases would factor in since I don't pay rent ( and I really only feed myself on weekends).


appointment problem

I've been working for a family with a mental disability. She's five, but can't walk on her own, doesn't talk, communicates some through sign language, needs me to hold her up to walk around.. she's super sweet, and giggles all the time and we have fun. though it is hard to work with disabled children, and it's quite physically demanding..

anyway, that's not my problem.

the mom is often late, without contacting me. so I arrive to work on time, and have to sit on their front step for 10-15 minutes before they show up.

Had enough - my resignation message - thoughts

I posted a month or so back about my 9yr old charge behaving like a 3-4yr old though she has no developmental delays

Well I have made every attempt to discuss with the parents & work with the child - no use at all

Final straw - car ride home from school child wants to dig through the bag of expensive laptop, iPad, & other devices to get her IPod

I explain that she should not dig through the bag that it could drop & damage her siblings equipment but that she could have it when we get home which was about 5 min away

Advice on taking on another child!

I have been nannying a set of twin boys for 6 months now. They are just over 12 months (one year) and recently their older brother who is 2 almost 3 years old is transitioning between daycares and for at least two weeks up to two months, he could be home with me and the twins.
He is well behaved and a good boy but that is once he is comfortable, which takes a while for him. Being a 2 year old boy he is also full of energy.
I need some advice on how to manage having a 2 year old, and the twins, one that is walking and one that is not walking.

disagree with parents

I work with a newly turned 4 yr old and her 10 month old brother. The 4 yr old, I'll call her S, is very very spoiled and does very little for herself. She is capable of doing many things and I ask her to do them because 1)she can and its good for her development and 2) I can't always attend to her with her brother. But, not only does she throw a fit but she tells her mom. Her mom then tells me that they allow her to do these things.


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