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Kid I nanny will start preeschool soon

Hi, i have been with this family for almost 2 years, I nanny 1 kid who is 3 and wilk start preeschool this fall according to parents. They talked to me ahead of time and said they want to keep me but want me to run errands for them while kid is at preeschool since I would be dropping him off, i am sure they dont want to pay me to not do anything. I said yo them that I will think about it. I haven't gotten any raise since I started, and no benefits. I work hourly. The pay is a little under 17 and they have money, great careers, their house is almost 2 million.

Oh! The Chaos!!

I am 51 and was a nanny for 6 years before I had my first child 24 years ago. I have subsequently parented 3 amazing kids into adulthood.
I am back in a Nanny position and have been with the family for a week. And I am shocked!! These kids run the show. There is no respect for the parents or any adult for that matter. They set the schedule, "order" dinner and are so entitled.

Perfect Nanny job...but I have to leave!

Hey guys,

I’m new to the nanny world and need some advice! I’ve short term nanny-ed on and off through the years but just landed my first long term job this last summer. I love my job, and when I was hired on they were looking for someone long term...well my husband and I just got to the point where we want to get a puppy and start having kids - for us to do that I would need to leave my job. Am I an awful nanny for only staying on with them for a year when they were looking for long term? It may seem like a silly question but I’m really struggling. Thanks!

Why am I here if the dad is off work?

If a father is off of work at 4 and has no other jobs to be done, why I am still nannying until 7 o clock when the mom gets home? He grabs a beer, or goes to a Home Depot or plays with the dogs while I am taking care of his children? I want to quit this position (not only because the hour to pay ratio is outrageous $300 for almost 60 hours of work a week), but also because I do not want to encourage this kind of behavior from a father. If you have children, in my opinion, each parent should be willing and able to watch the children without their spouses help.


Live-In Nannies help!!

Live-in nannies can I pick your brains a bit?? I'm currently in a position where I nanny for my nephew (have been for about 14 months) and also live with them (sister and brother-in-law). I work 40+ hours a week, clean, help with the two dogs, grocery shop, etc. I live in San Diego and make $1,100 per month. I am well aware I make WAY under minimum wage but I also live here for free.

What do you guys get paid per hour or week? Is it minimum wage or more?


Hi Fellow Nannies: I have been a FT infant nanny for 10 years. This new family that I started with in August 2017 have an 8 month old beautiful baby. I noticed after 6 months that the dad's office in the hallway, two doors down from the nursery reeks of pot daily. At first, at 7 a.m., on arrival I smelled it at the front door. Then lately it has been in the hallway next to the nursery. I always go in and get the baby around 7:30, as she is asleep at 7 a.m. when I arrive.


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