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Any advice

Hello, I've just started my second nannying job a couple of weeks ago, like the last job it is always a bit manic when a new person comes in forming relationships with the children etc. There old nanny is still with the family which is making it harder for me because they automatically don't want me which is fine as I know we are moving away and I'm going with them, however I've just found out that the mum wants to give me 3 weeks off on the date of their move, and the nanny continues to work with them.

Live in nanny positioned offered

I've been offered a live in nanny position, but it seems like the parents want me to ba available 24/7 for $100 a day and 1 day off a week. They have 2 children, 1 &3. The dad only speaks Chinese and the mother speaks English and Spanish. They want me to sleep in the kids room. And teach them Spanish and English words. I feel like I should be asking for more pay. They want me to do light housework and run errands like grocery shopping, cooking for kids, dishes, laundry, tidy room & toys, and unpack luggage. I would not have personal space or time since I sleep with kids.

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Job search failure, Freakout Friday

So the job search for a NF hasn't been great at all. The families I've interviewed for were not any different then the current, and today with my current family it has not been good. Mom decided to go out and run errands and has been out for 4 hours, Dad and sons came back from a few days of camping and I've been adjusting to a new schedule for the Summer. So, Mom sent a text saying she was otw and asking for me to start dinner for the family, ok fine I can do it.

Twin toddlers and older sibbling

I started nannying 2 weeks ago for a great family with 17 month old twin girls and a 4 year old boy (will be going into kindergarten at the end of the summer). The problem is that I'm having a hard time managing the three of them all together-the toddlers are very mobile and get into everything, and the 4 year old is very active. I need to keep my eyes on the toddlers at all times, and its difficult just going back and forth between the two of them, but then you add in the 4 year old who always wants me to do things with him and gets upset when I can't give him my full attention.

New Puppy

I have been with my family for a little over half a year now. They recently got a new puppy. They asked me first if it was okay with me since I will be with it for 12 hours a day and I was hesitant to say yes but felt bad because I know the kids really wanted one so I finally gave the okay. (However, after I said yes I found out they had already bought the dog). Obviously puppies are a lot of work and I'm just really regretting the whole thing. I haven't been told or asked about any raise in pay (I'll see when I get this paycheck if it's higher) but if it's not, I will be really upset.


Is this normal?!

The family I'm currently nannying for has 2 kids, a 5 yo boy who is fully potty trained BUT he still "needs" to be wiped every time he poops....from my experience most kids his age, especially boys, should be fully capable of wiping themselves. I know some parents want to check after them, which is reasonable, but he won't even try and they don't seem concerned about teaching him. Has anyone ever had an experience like this? Also the 2 yo girl wants to potty train and is over diapers. When I brought it up they said they wanted to wait until she was 3.


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