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I am too awkward for my own good.

Long story short, I am a full-time live-in nanny (8am-4pm, often times even more) for a great family. There are four children, a 1 year old, 4, 6, and 9 year old. I have been working for almost a year and it has just now occurred to me that it is not normal that I'm not being paid. I have my own room, bathroom, closet, kitchenette but am receiving no additional compensation. I do have an afternoon nanny job but I am barely able to save any money between food costs and student loan payments. Any advice as to how to approach this topic with my family?

Event nannying?

Has anyone been asked to go to a sisters wedding & nanny? I was told they would need help during that weekend, I said I would try and keep it available.. She said it would be from early AM to the PM.. Before the wedding.. To be at the wedding with with the kids to make sure things go smoothly.. Go home and let them take naps a little, then come back for the dinner and reception.. Then probably take them home for bed.. I assumed I would be with them outside of the wedding so this is kind of odd for me..

Behavior..is this normal?

The family that I just started working for has a great baby and they really are wonderful people. Their first born (5 yr old boy) though is a nightmare. I have lots of experience with children but he baffles me. He never listens to anyone, has a constant attitude, ignores all authority, and when he isn't ignoring authority he is looking for a way to get in trouble. He threw the iPad the other day and faked an injury today.

Income advice! Help!

I am so glad I found this board I need some serious advice. I will admit my faults to begin. I am nannying for a friend/family friend so I failed to get a "contract" at the start. With that said, verbal agreement began with... I am 9 hours a day and caring for a 7 month old (was 4 months when I started). That was it. The baby, and what comes along with him. Somehow once I started I became a taxi for her older sons, doing dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and caring for the dogs.

My interview

I had an interview today. Not through Care.com, luckily. We had a pre-phone interview she wanted someone to care for the children, make them healthy food, tidy up after them, "general nanny stuff".

I show up to her house knowing that she was paying in my range, she was offering an amount of hours I was happy with, ect. Then in the in person interview she says she needs the nanny to do all the dishes, clean the bathrooms, and pick up Fido's poop, as well as cleaning Fluffy's litter box. This happened about half way into the interview. I lost it on her-- while walking to the door.


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