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Advice please !!

Hi! So I need some advice. I started my nanny job back in January 2016. I work 40 hours a week and recieve no benefits or time off (paid). I make 15 an hour for one child and was told I would make 17 an hour when the second baby comes in September. Is this a reasonable rate to be paid in PA for a newborn and 2 and a half year old (under the table)? Also, should I be receiving paid time off? I don't get paid for holidays or vacation.

Advice needed!

My charge will be turning one in October. Family is nice but I also feel they're manipulative in every approach.

So as I've mentioned my charge will be turning one. Ultra excited as he has been developing well. I knew I would be asked to attend his party which will be on a weekend. I don't work weekends. Dad asked if I could work the whole day Sunday and they'll give me a Tuesday off.


Need Advice

Hello All! I am new to this group but happy I found it. Ok so here it goes, I've been working for my NF for 5 years now, but this last year has been chaotic and I think it may be time to say goodbye. My time gets taken advantage of, I am pretty underpaid, and I've been lied to by mom on several occasions just so she can go out. It's caused a big strain on my relationship and being newly engaged it's the last thing we need. I put in over 40 hours a week and pretty much maintain/manage the household. My questions, how should I approach them? And the kids?

Advice for a 6 year old with toddler habbits

Hello all! I work for a great family. Minimal issues all around :) I'm seeking advice over one of the kids. She is 6 years old and going into first grade. She has a couple of toddler habits that she's not growing out of and I am not sure how to go about it anymore. She is constantly wanting to rub skin. Always rubbing my arms legs. Any skin contact she can get she goes for it and can't stop and when you pull away just digs her hand deeper up your sleeve or pants to keep you there. I've tried to minimize the skin rubbing by making a rule that that's only for snuggle time.

NF goes on vacation. Doesn't pay me

I work 2 days a week, average 11 hours each day. My NF takes several weeks off work all year; at least 4 to 6 plus other single days and do not pay me.
I did not ask at hiring to be paid when they took days off and they did not offer.
I was fine with that till I realized how often they go on vacation.
My money situation has changed too as I have a lot of medical bills & a larger car payment.

Quick Question

Do you all ever feel the need to prove a point/teach a lesson to an NF? Not necessarily your own nanny family, but other parents with nannies?

I got approached at the water park yeaterday. This mom knows I'm a nanny. And she approached me to ask me to fill in for her nanny next month. My NF will be gone till Sept. I am planning to take that time off for my own family, but this woman wanted me to fill in for her nanny

Need advice

So I've been a nanny for 3 years to my two little cousins ages 5 and 3, 4days a weekI absolutely love them But with that being said this past week my uncle their grandpa took them on vacation which was only suppose to be for 3 day which ended up being a whole week. So when my older cousin came to drop the girls off she handed me my pay check. Me not looking at it just laying it on the table I didn't notice she did not pay me for while they were gone.

Switching careers after 9+ years...

Hello, I have posted before about my most recent nanny position where I was being taken advantage of and unappreciated. I am glad to say that thanks to the wonderful advice I recieved on this forum I finally had the courage to leave that job. I have been out for a couple of weeks now. I didn't find other employment prior to leaving because I felt that I needed a little time off to get my head together after leaving such a stressful situation. But now the reality of having to find a new job is sinking in...


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