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Leaving a Family

So I've been working for my boss for a little over 1 year. I've put up with a lot of crap honestly but I love the kids!! Recently I have lost my car due to our new location to Connecticut and it's so much more expensive up here! I was t being paid enough- even after a "raise". My new friend I have up here introduced me to a family around the area that are willing to pay double what I make, they have a nanny car and it's a live-in (which I need) and even better I will have a set schedule.

Changing to live-in

I have been with my current family for 6 months, two boys F(4y) and T(18m). The parents and the kids are all awesome, I love them and they love me. The boys have their difficult times, like all kids, but overall they are awesome. I get holiday pay, a livable wage and reimbursed for all that I spend on the kids. Recently MB has been talking about me becoming a live-in as they are in the process of building their new house and will be adding a MIL/Nanny apartment. What are the benefits/drawbacks of being a live-in.

Need Advice on cheap men

Ok, slow down one at a time, lol.

Seriously though, I've had 3 nanny jobs where the Dad is penny wise and pound foolish. I left 2 of them, now I'm on the 3rd one, and am considering them same.

Dad #1, Hired by mom to watch 2 kids 10 to 5, at noon I was to pick up toddler 3 miles away and bring home. Ok not a big deal. $10 dollars per hour. But the school was not 3 miles away it was 6, so I was driving 125 miles per mo. I ask for $17, IRS standard to cover mileage. Dad copped a major attitude.

Helping out! (First of many) post to come!

I have 30 years experience 8 grown children (4 biological and 4 step children ) and 7 beautiful young grandbabys and really raising little ones is all I know! I'm 45 years old.
I've been compared to a mix of Peter pan and Mary Poppins! Lol
My hair dresser had client he recommended me to.
We she is GRANDMOTHER who is fighting for custody of the two year old!
As a mother of 8 and a grandmother of 7 I feel very amorous of this lady cause!

Bratty 11 Year Old

I just started nannying for a family. The parents are divorced, lovely, funny and quite wealthy.
I have had much experience with kids from teaching and nannying all ages 3 months-13 years.
This family has one 15 year old who I understand want to keep to himself but the little girl is just...awful.
I was warned by the mother that she was a typical tomboy and not to be offended that she doesn't want to hang out with me and likes to keep to herself...

Interviews & justification for why parents wish to pay less

I went on a few interviews last night & was shocked at what one family thought was an okay rate & their reasons why. Usually I discuss my pay range before meeting patents so as to rule out low ballers. I have had this happen once before even when I mentioned my rate requirements (rolling eyes). So with the one family I met last night they contacted me initially & so I didn't send them my typical application. We did talk on the phone & several days before the meeting I sent an e-mail with questions I wanted answered before the interview.

Need advice please!!!

I began working with a lovely family in 2015. What I like about working with them is the flexibility that they offer me. My hours are from 9-6pm Monday thru Thursday and the boys are 3 and 1yrs old. The 3yr old has special needs and goes to school from 8-3pm. We have yet to figure out what issues he may have mentally because it appears that he has trouble processing information given to him. He behaves well with his parents and loves to be with them.

Awkward situations

I wanted to write this post to gain insight into how everyone deals with awkward situations. In our line of work I believe that awkward and uncomfortable situations are part of the job. I mean, after all you're working in someone else's home with some else's children. That in and of itself can be a bit nerve wracking. Does anyone have any stories they would like to share? I'll start with mine. This event actually happened today!


Bear with, this might be long!

I've been nannying for the same family for a little over a year and a half. They have four children, including one baby. I've recently decided to go back to school for Nursing and qualify for an accelerated program because I already have a BA. The problem is, when the family found out, not from me (while I was still deciding if it was the right step for me) they got really upset and confronted me asking why I had lied to them.


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