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So homesick-cry all the time.

I am so homesick I can barely function. This is my first nanny job and first time being away from home alone. I am so miserable I wanna throw up and run away and I just can't handle this. Please help me. Please. I just need help I have never felt so alone and hurt and I just wanna go home but I can't. I'm 19 and I am so lost.

Back at square one.

A quick summary before I get into the issue:

I quite my older kid PM family to be with my young kid AM family more often. This family expressed their fall needs, the switch made since. AM family is now main, I have a good PM family now too (only has been 3 weeks)

Whats happening now:

Main has now said they wont need me in the fall (WTF, curve ball!). Then said they want to keep me on for only a few hours once a week-- I'll get into that latter, but I will say now that can't work. 2 days latter she changed it up, again-- I'll tell that story too.

Sitting Duck

The kids I nanny recently started to argue more with each other. When the parents aren't at home teleworking they are usually fine. If they have fights then I resolve them fairly quickly. However when their parents are home teleworking. The fights between each other increases. Instead of running to me, they instinctively run to their parents with their troubles and bother them while their working. I feel like I'm a bad nanny when this happens because I feel like it's my duty as a nanny to resolve it before it escalates and I have to bring in their parents.

Need to rant!!

The family I work for is literally the hardest family ever to find a nanny for! My agency can barely find replacements for me when I need time off because everyone in my agency knows how bad this family is. But I've realized it's not the kids, although they are bad, it's the parents! They don't do anything with these kids! I'm here 3 days a week (Tuesday's, Thursday's, and Saturdays) the dad is a doctor and the mom is a stay at home mom, who hides in her room when I'm here. Every day I'm here I leave the house in better condition than I found it.

Would this bother you?

Hypothetical question: would it bother you to find out how much your NF's previous nanny made? Say you saw her out and about and you started chatting. And the conversation naturally led to her previous charge /your current charge. What if her pay is a little higher, but you got more benefits /perks?

A friend of mine had this happen to her. She had a nanny share from 2013-2014. She left to follow her husband's new job. She's back in town now and ran into her charges' - she's back with them- 2012 nanny. The nanny was let go for being a poor fit.

Crazy Parents

I just did an interview with a woman that was beyond crazy. This woman looked to be in her 50s with a 4.5 yr old she adopted when she was an infant. The child has no physical or emotional issues that I could see. The mother still had her in pull ups. She was to start school the end of this week, pre K but only for a half a day because the mother thought full day was too much for her. I told her I was going away over the 4th of July. Mom said she didn't understand why everyone was going away. I explained it was a Federal Holiday.


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