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Is it acceptable for me to have in my contract that I will not work when they have relatives here? Grandma has been here for the past week and is driving me to insanity!! She questions everything I do and always tries to undermine me.


My boss is so damn lazy, I don't understand how can a SAHM mom, not be able to take care of her house duties, and then blame it on her ADHD. She gets up between 4:30-5 every morning and still says "there isn't enough time in the day to get everything done." She expects me to come in today and vacuum her and her kids bedrooms, and clean her air vents. I take care of her son! Not her and her house. Maybe if she spent more time trying to take care of home instead of running to every church event just to impress her priest then maybe she can get things done.

Handing in my notice today

Hi all

I recently posted on this forum looking for advice about an employment situation that was less than ideal for me. I received helpful feedback and am preparing to hand in my two week notice today. I have already secured a new position with a law firm, as I feel it is time to put my degree to use. Any last minute tips or words of encouragement would be appreciated. I have never resigned from any position before.

Thank you!

Nap Time Help!

I have been watching an 8 month old for some good friends of mine for 3 days a week for about 3 weeks now. The only way she will go down for a nap is if you take her on a walk (aprox 10-15 min). I tried rocking her to sleep, i was successful twice to get her to sleep in her crib after rocking her. This means she has to be taken on a walk 2-3 x daily, and while i dont mind getting my exercise in, it tends to get very hot here as we creep closer to summer! Any suggestions to get her to sleep without walking her 3x a day??

How to approach boundaries on responsibility

I've been a nanny for a great family for almost 6 months, everything has been going really well except that the parents take no responsibility for any cleaning in the house. Per my contract I clean up after the kids, do their laundry and tidy up after the kids and occasionally unload the dish washer. This has turned into me unloading and reloading piled up dishes daily, putting away other stacked dishes because no one else will put them away.

I am new

Hi everybody !
I am new here on this web. Right now i'm looking for a short-term nanny job. i'm going to be out in June and July.
Do you think will be difficult find a that kind of nanny job?

I live in River Edge NJ, I want find job no more than 10 miles from here.


Yearly Raise

When hired, I was promised yearly raises. Last year I received $50 a week, plus an additional $25 for laundry and dinner. What should I ask for/expect this year? Is $50 too much to expect again?


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