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Best Job Ever

It's amazing how many horror stories I read here at The Nanny Support Group. I certainly don't envy any of the posters nor would I want to be a nanny if these were the only stories I ever read. So, I'm happy to report that I have a fantastic employer!

How many hours do you work a week?

Hi everbody,

I am very curious to know how many hours you work a week. I usually work around 50-55 hours a week (6 days a week). Usually I try to tell my family not to make me work more than 60 hours a week as it is very exhausting but sometimes I don't know if they understand.

I know some families ask more than that , like 13 hours a day , but I always wonder how a nanny can actually do it.... In my case, I don't allowed the kids to watch TV ( I am not a babysitter :)) so I am playing/teaching all the time and don't have time to take a break (even for 5 minutes).

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Poorly Treated Nanny

I was at the beach with my boyfriend recently. He was swimming and I was on the beach tanning. I overheard a conversation playing out there was a family right next to me on the beach. Two older girls, younger brother, dad mom and baby. The mom was with the baby and the nanny was taking care of the two older girls. I heard the whole situation where the two older girls wanted to swim past the buoys. The nanny told them not to. Then the girls started saying I hate her "the nanny" to the father in front of the nanny over and over again. They also told the nanny to shut up.

Is it too late?

I've just been hired for my first nanny job in many years. I'll be caring for a one year old boy. My new employer wants to pay me 8.00 an hour. According to the calculator on care.com the average for my area is 9.50. The hours will be 9-12 and then 1-5. It's a unique situation in that they live on a govt.facility where she also works so she is able to come home for lunch. She found me through care.com and her add on there said she'd pay 10.00 an hour. When I interviewed I was told she made an error when she was typing up her add and wasn't able to change it after the fact.

Time off

I am a live in nanny for a 9 month girl. I have been with the family almost 2 months now. When we discussed our work agreement we decided Monday-Friday 30-40 hours week. $500/week, room and board included as compensation. Weekends off. I insisted on setting an "overtime/weekend" rate. They are insistent this would not be needed because they could not forsee any reason to need me on the weekends. Regardless we agreed on a $10/hour "overtime/weekend" rate.


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