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Part time benefits

I have been with my nanny family for 9 1/2 years. As with all nanny jobs the kids grow up and the family goes from needing a full time nanny to only needing part time. I understand this and was ok with it. My question is who has been in this situation where the family took away all paid time off benefits? I would think given all I have done, always going above and beyond that I would have been offered at least some of the paid time off I have had all these years?? Thoughts?

Making friends as a live-in nanny

I just recently moved to a new state to become a live-in nanny. I absolutely love the people I work for and it's honestly one of the easiest jobs I've ever done. The girl I'm watching is in middle school and pretty much just needs a ride to and from school. This leaves me with a ton of free time during the days and on the weekends. I've been searching for a part time job, in hopes that I can meet people that way but haven't had a ton of luck. I just don't even know where to start in finding people to hang out with.

1 Year Birthday - Gift Ideas

Hello Everyone! I'm a part-time NYC nanny. I've been caring for a baby boy 3 days per week since February and his 1 year birthday is approaching.

Does anyone have any good gift ideas for the him? I want to give something that will really touch the family, something unique, etc. I love them all and they really appreciate and trust me with their baby so I want to do something special.

Also, what is an appropriate gift amount to spend? I make $20/hour on the books.



I love the family whom I work for. It started with one baby who is now 14 months old. The mom is now expecting her second child. All is good except, my so-called duties have changed from Nanny to a house manager. I do everything! I am paid $15/hour and have paid vacation & holidays. If the family leaves for vacation, I'm paid. But, that doesn't really make it anymore, as again, I feel like I manage the house. I wash, clean, cook, take out the garbage, get their cars washed, take clothes to the dry cleaners, do groceries, change the adult sheets and wash them, do the parent's laundry.

NO connections

I love the family I'm with. The parents are very laid back and the kids are so sweet. But they live in such a small town and I am used to a bigger city. I haven't made any friends here yet and they don't have any other nannies in the area. Is it crazy to leave a job because you don't enjoy the environment or haven't made any connections? I haven't been here for too long so I'm not going to make any fast decisions. But i am just worried what I will do if I don't ever make friends.

Site question... previous posts

Hi all!

I'm just wondering if there is any way to see or look back on previous posts. I subscribe, so I get the most recent in my inbox periodically, but sometimes I'm just interested to see how a situation turned out or advice given... I don't see where I can find things I have commented on, or even follow my own post. I may never even make it back to see this one... fingers crossed.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

New in Town. #Wyoming

I just moved to Wheatland Wyoming from wisonsin two weeks ago for a nanny position and I have yet to meet any people my age. I just graduated high school so I'm at that awkward in-between where people my age are either in college or seniors in HS. I would love to meet some nannies in my area of Wyoming even in Cheyenne. If anybody on here is from around Wheatland let me know!!

Update: Gave Notice, Things Are Not Great

I think at this point I'm mainly coming here for validation and if not validation to have someone tell me I'm in the wrong. I have felt so incredibly crappy over everything that has happened... I've never had a job erode my self esteem this way :/

Per my previous and original post: "Giving Notice, Horribke Situation" http://www.nannysupportgroup.com/node/5255


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