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Nanny and Parent Guidebook


My name is Katie and I am currently writing a guidebook for both nannies and parents, in hopes that the book will help to build positive "business" relationships. I started working as a casual babysitter when I was 13 years old, and worked as an in-home nanny throughout college. Although I now have a full time job as a program coordinator at a learning center, I still babysit for some of the families whom I used to work for on a regular basis, and I am very passionate about working with kids.

New family - poor communication

So I quit my last nanny job that I had had for about a year. The hours were too late for me (I have my own kids who are school-agers/husband) & the commute was too long. Plus I was ticked about them taking a vacation without giving me much notice or offering to pay me anything for their absence. I had two jobs to choose from that I was hired for & I started my new job this week & I think I chose wrong :( There are a ton of perks: NO COMMUTE, the new job is 4 miles from my home, I was traveling 25 miles each way for my previous job.

Traveling Vacation Pay

My family is going on a cruise and taking me with them. I have never traveled with a family before. Everything is paid for on the cruise. The only things I will be responsible for paying are any souvenirs I want. My question is why do nannies charge more for vacations? My family is paying for everything, I still get my normal pay, and they are making sure I get some time to myself each day. I feel like my normal rate is fair. I don't understand why I should recieve more money after they just spent a fortune to take me on the trip


HELLO NANNIES: Jillian wrote in asking what is considered, "light housekeeping". I am wondering also?? as I have been told by a Nanny Placement Service that nannies are required to do this chore IN ADDITION to taking care of the baby/babies that they nanny. We as nannies, are a nanny, to the child/children/ infant/infants as in Twins. Some of us are only paid $10.00 per hour and work 10-12 hour days. I myself, am paid $12 per hour in Missouri, and only work 27 hours per week, 9.5 hours per day.

Crazy Non-Interview

A single parent requested an interview with me. She wanted to meet me at Starbucks 40 minutes from my house. She requested we meet at 10:00. I arrived 5 minutes early, got a coffee and texted her I was there. I waited until 10 after and told her what I was wearing and where I was sitting. Both texts got no response. I waited until 20 after and since I received no texts or phone calls (she had my number I did not have hers) I decided to leave. Before I left I sent one more text stating I was leaving and had never been stood up on an interview before.

I can't wait to quit.

So - this is kind of a rant. I have two part time care-giving jobs right now. I am working again part-time for a family I used to nanny full time for. I've wrote about this before, the mom has a PhD and works at a college as an assistant professor.

She lacks organization, the ability to arrive on time to relieve me, and remembering to PAY ME.


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